Why are the copy & paste icons not working in the WYSIWYG editor?

by Red Hawk Technologies May 13, 2010

You still have copy and paste.  Unfortunately those particular buttons within the WYSIWYG editor will not function while using Mozilla Firefox.  This will only effect the copy and paste buttons, all other buttons will work as intended.

Within the WYSIWYG editor you can use your shortcut keys on your keyboard to copy and paste.

Ctrl + c (Copy)
Ctrl + v (Paste)
Ctrl + x (Cut)

Command + c (Copy)
Command + v (Paste)
Command + x (Cut)

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Why are my options not showing up in the CMS tool bar?

by Red Hawk Technologies May 13, 2010

This may happen on occasion.  Simply refresh the page.  Once the page has fully refreshed the options in the CMS tool bar will show up as intended.

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