How do I add a new page?

by Red Hawk Technologies January 5, 2010

  1. Log on to CMS.
  2. Click Manage Site in the CMS tool bar.
  3. In the new window displayed, you'll see a list of directories and pages on the left and the list of drop down menu items listed on the right.
  4. Locate the directory where you want to add the new page in the list on the left side of the window.
  5. Locate a page to copy.
  6. Right click the page you want to copy and select "Copy as New Page" from the options displayed.
  7. Add a Page Title and Page Name for the new page and click Save. The page title is displayed in the top of browser windows. Page Titles are very important when optimizing websites for search engines. Give the page a title containing descriptive keywords representative of the content found on the page.
  8. Right click on the new page and select "Navigate To".
  9. Now you can edit the new page, inserting new text and images as needed.
  10. The menu on your website will not include a link to the new page until you add the new page to the menu. Click here to learn how to manage the menu.