How do I edit my template?

by Red Hawk Technologies January 5, 2010

You will need to work with the website designer that produced your website to modify your website templates. The CMS application does not allow content managers to modify website templates.

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Why can I only edit certain areas of my website?

by Red Hawk Technologies January 5, 2010

The CMS application allows you to work with editable regions of web pages. In some instances, website desginers may choose to omit  code required for the CMS application to function. For example, many websites now include a blog. Blogs are typically managed using blogging software (i.e. WordPress, TypePad, Blogger, BlogEngine). Overlapping editing applications would cause a lot of problems for content managers. If you beleive a region of your website should be editable using the CMS application, contact the developer of your site for support.